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Here are 5 Strategies to getting more YES

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  1. Always expect YES. Your expectation determines your attitude. Your positive energy will radiate in your conversations with them. Believe that they will say YES because they need you.
  2. Affirm their NO without resistance. "Okay got it, so right now you're just thinking about taking it off the market. Makes total sense." Here, you’re reframing their NO from an absolute to a possible option.
  3. Adjust the conversation. Go from trying to talk them into selling, to just saying,"What can I do? So if it had sold, what was your ideal outcome?” You’re just genuinely curious, not interrogating them.
  4. Accept the NO as temporary. Graciously accept that their NO is not final.
  5. Appreciate them with a personal video. This is not a hard-sell video. Simply shoot them a quick video, thanking them for their time and letting them know that you’re there for them if they need help. And then, text them that video. Or, you can send them a personal handwritten note with a business card and your face. Make sure to include the link to your website where you can talk to them on video. *Touch base with them 2-4 weeks later.
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