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Three Things the Best in the World Do:

1. Produce something that creates a desired result.

Do the specific actions that would produce something that actually creates a desired result (i.e., money). If it doesn't make money or close deals, it's not producing. 

Talk to people. You want to grab people’s attention, and then build relationships that build credibility and trust for you. The key is to put yourself out there. Whether it’s through social media marketing, making phone calls, or doorknocking.

2. Do less, not more. Whenever you’re about to do anything, ask yourself, “Does this activity that I'm about to spend time on actually move the ball down the field and put points on the scoreboard?” If it does nothing to make you better or let you recover, let somebody else do it.

Make sure you’re not kidding yourself that you’re “producing more” when you’re actually just doing too many things that are perpetuating the same problem you already have.

3. Lead people to decisions. Help people make a decision that’s in their best interest through prospecting, lead follow up, going on listing appointments, showing buyers, or negotiating contracts.

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