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Is it a good time to sell your house, or should you wait?


Right now, interest rates are high, inflation is up, the stock market is down, businesses are not doing well, and more layoffs are happening.


3 Ways to Approach This (As An Agent)


  1. Identify their motivation. Find out WHY they want to move.
  2. Be the problem solver. Guide and lead them to a decision by giving them the pros & cons of moving & selling now.
  3. Build & value the relationship. Be honest & always make it about what’s best for them (not your commission check).


3 Reasons That It’s a Good Time To Sell

  1. They’re thinking about downsizing. The price of their home has gone up over the years, and they no longer need to live in a big house.
  2. They want to get the most equity out of the property. In some markets, prices are starting to drop, so it’s best to sell now to protect their equity.
  3. Planning to buy right away. Interest rates are already up and are going to spike even more in the future.


People have to understand that historically, when prices go up & down, it takes months or years for the market to shift back.

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Three reasons why a market downturn is great news for real estate agents ready to explode & grow their business.

  1. Motivation to sell jumps dramatically. People who have been putting off selling their homes suddenly get the urge to sell because as the market shifts, home prices start to drop.
  2. Scared people will listen. Whenever people start seeing the market turning, they start getting scared. And when you have market knowledge, understanding, and expertise, all of a sudden, they’re going to start listening to you, trusting you, and they’re going to hire you.
  3. Most of your competition will disappear. A lot of real estate agents (mostly those who are not doing the work) will panic & flunk out of the business because deals aren’t coming to them anymore. Even top producers will consider retiring now. 

Be willing to do the work and master the skills, strategies, and systems to succeed…and the opportunities for you are going to be massive.

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What do you do when an Expired says that they’re never moving out unless it’s the right price?

1. Start the relationship. Connect with them through text. First, respond with a text message saying, “Understood” (with a thumbs up emoji). And then add, “What would be the right price?” If they text back with the price, you then reply, “Great. When would be a good time to jump on a quick call? 

2. Get into a phone conversation. Over the phone, you can identify their motivation and start building rapport. 

If they’re motivated to move, go ahead and set the appointment. If they’re not motivated, say, “Okay, great. Understood. If anything changes, let me know.” (The complete script is in The Book of YES. Get your FREE copy here.)

NEXT: After getting off the phone, send them a quick video and say, “Hey, Mr. and Ms. Smith, thanks for taking time to talk to me today. I understand right now is not really the time you want to sell. So I just want to send you a quick video, personally introduce myself, and let you know if I can help with anything, I’m here to help you. And whenever things change, please let me know. We’ll talk soon. Have a great day.”

3. Build the relationship. Touch base with them every month through a quick phone call or  text. 

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