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What is the best lead generation tool out there? Is it social media and the internet? Calling people? The best scripts (get your free copy of The Book of Yes here)? Using video? A good website?

None of those on their own makes you money. It’s how you leverage these media that generate leads.

Here are the 4 BEST tools for lead generation:

  • YOU. Have an attractive character or pleasing personality. It’s all about your presence, how you show up, and the way you communicate.
  • Audacious promise. Have a compelling message that differentiates you from other agents. Offer an irresistible guaranteed sale (e.g. I’ll sell your house in 60 days, or I’ll buy it) or a unique value proposition and back it up.
  • A-team. This is your Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Team. These are people you have a strong relationship with and believe so much in what you do, and are willing to help give you business. Maintain top-of-mind awareness with them, and they’ll keep giving you referrals.
  • An awesome track record. Success breeds success. If you’re new, build your track record by working on developing your attractive character, and deliver on your audacious promise.

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Do you have other ideas on the best lead generation tools? Let me know in the comments below.

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When you see somebody go through adversity and end up winning, you realize that anything is possible.

Alejandro got into real estate during the 2007 crash and barely made anything in his first year. He focused on buyers because he lacked the skills to take and sell listings.

Getting into Kevin’s coaching changed his life. He signed up for the 100-day Listmaster Challenge, went to a training camp,and became part of the YesMasters Inner Circle. He took action right away and started focusing on sellers. Alejandro's income just shot through the roof.

He consistently prospects 5-7 hours/day and roleplays. He goes to 3-4 listing appointments a week, and gets 60-70% of them to list with him.

Seventy percent of his business comes from Expireds. He gives them extraordinary service that's different from their experience with previous agents who have disappointed them..

The rest of his business comes from referrals and his Personal Circle. He wants to shift to working on his Personal Circle more, because he realized that with the right strategy in place, it’s easier to get repeat business from his PC.

In the middle of all that production, Alejandro faced personal adversity. His drinking problem started affecting his career. At some point, he chose to drop out of Kevin’s coaching because of multiple DUIs. He spent some time in prison and almost had his license revoked. But the power of mindset that he learned from Kevin saw him through.

He went back to coaching.. Fortunately, he ended up keeping his license and continued success.

What is Alejandro’s secret to success?

Creating habits that create success.
Getting a coach.
Power of association.

Alejandro’s advice to other agents: Either play big or don’t play at all. Being mediocre is not the way to live. Excel and inspire other people to do the same.

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For most people, showing up late is a habit. It tends to be a pattern that repeats. But the problem is not time management. It’s the choices we make.

It’s crucial to fix this problem because when you’re always late, this tells people that they can’t trust you. You gave them your word that you were going to show up at a specific time, but you were late. It also tells them that you don’t respect them enough to be there on time. It reflects the choices you make that put you in that position.

How do you never be late again?

1. Commit to perfection that you will never be late again. Believe that it’s possible. For example, professional athletes never show up late for practice or for a game. Don’t make being on time an option.

2. Plan to arrive 5-15 minutes early.

3. Assess the surrounding time commitments you have. Are there other appointments before it? Be sure to have enough time between commitments.

4. Account for other factors. E.g. traffic, your spouse or kids. Allow for other responsibilities and things beyond your control. Plan ahead

5. Only calendar appointment times that are mandatory for you. Decide what you put in your calendar and treat them as commitments.

6. Give yourself 2 months of perfection. Keep showing up on time so you rewire the habit.It takes on average 66 days to create a new habit.

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How does an ex-military who survived a heart attack go from zero to $1,000,000 in 24 months?

A terrible experience with a real estate agent left Sergio and his parents homeless. He then vowed to never let that happen to anybody else.

When he got out of the military after 61/2 years of service, he was lost and didn’t know what his next mission was. He tried his hand at different careers, but didn’t find his true calling.

In October 2017, he quit his job as an account manager for a tech company and became a full time agent. He went to his first training camp (Real Estate Vortex Training Camp) right away. That’s when Sergio realized that real estate was his true calling.

As he shifted from an employee to an entrepreneur mindset, he knew he had to work hard and that he was responsible for everything that happened in his business.

Sergio used the Real Estate Vortex to build his business. He began leveraging relationships that drew business to him. He believes in constantly giving value and building authentic relationships.

It was challenging to be a new agent asking people for business. He believed he was good enough, and had to make people believe that. But the pressure didn’t stop him. Sergio wasn’t afraid of failure. To him, there are no failures, only experiments.

Sergio’s secrets to success are:

Mindset. He’s consistent and intentional with his relationships. He believes he is worthy of success.

Effort. He puts in the work. He’s focused on genuinely helping people get the best result every time.

The Power of Association. Joining the YesMasters Inner Circle and surrounding himself with people who operated on a high level made him realize that he was worthy of success.

YesMasters has given Sergio the framework to create a profitable and sustainable business that allows him to use his strengths with relationships. Kevin has been a great mentor and friend who truly cares.

His advice to new agents? Find a coach as soon as possible. That can help you get clarity on what you want. Do the work and be patient.

There’s no stopping Sergio as he continues to grow in the business and changes people’s lives. To him, this is just the beginning.

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