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Most people know what they want but don’t know how to get there. 


The first step is to be honest with yourself… What are you committed to absolutely having? And are you willing to do whatever it takes to get it?


The tactical steps to get there are easy. The hard part is digging deep inside you to figure out what you MUST have, no matter what.


Decide whether you’re willing to pay the price for it. And then take action.


What are the immediate actions you need to take to move closer to your goals?


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If you want to win big, you got to think different, you got to play different.


Show up like a PRO. 


Keep your commitments. 


Show up early for appointments. Because when you're late, it tells people that you don't keep your word. And when you don't keep your commitments, people don't trust you.


Nobody cares about your reasons for being late. All they care about is that you broke your commitment to show up at a certain time. 


It doesn't matter if you have the best strategies in the world. Until you learn how to show up like a champion, nobody's going to follow you.


If you want to win championships and change your life, play like a pro.

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