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This is one of the most common objections that real estate agents here when talking to For Sale by Owners.  “Bring me a buyer…and I’ll pay you a commission.”  The first key with objection-handling is to be able to respond in a straightforward, no-BS way that communicates confidence and that does repel them.  A cardinal rule of prospecting is to never make the seller wrong because that only causes resistance. 

So when a FSBO gives you this objection, the first thing is to affirm that finding a buyer is what you do.  Here is the script to respond to “Bring me a buyer…”:

“Bring you a buyer. Great. Because that is what I do for a living!  …So you are willing to pay a real estate agent that has a buyer, correct?  Excellent.”

Most For Sale By Owners are willing to pay at least some commission, and they're willing to pay to a buyer's agent.

One thing you should never do is pretend that you have a buyer. 

#1 Because it BS.  Unfortunately, a lot of agents have to taught to respond by pretending you may have a buyer.  If you had a buyer, this would not be an objection.
#2 Because it tricks the seller into thinking that their FSBO strategy will actually attract agents that have buyers.  Their philosophy of finding a buyer is, "All I got to do is put my house out there on the market for Sale By Owner, and agents will bring me buyers.”  You and I both know that agents who have buyers do not go looking for For Sale by Owners to find a house for their buyer.

Your response is simple and honest.  You can even let them know, “I’m not calling because I have a specific buyer for your house, but what I do help find the best buyer for homeowners that want to sell.”  Again, this is a no-BS conversation that keeps you from have to pull a Bait-n-Switch on them in order to lead to a conversation about listing the property.

And then you immediately continue your conversation following my FSBO script: “How much time will you take...before you might...decide to hire a strong your property sold...for you?”  To download a FREE copy of my entire For Sale by Owner Script, CLICK HERE.

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