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The first step to having a more profitable business is to build relationships with people you know.

You want to create Top Of Mind Awareness with them by adding value to them and genuinely making them feel special. You become unforgettable, and they will refer business to you over and over again.

Here are 4 Strategies for Getting More Business Through Your Relationships

  1. Care about people.
    1.  Send out personalized handwritten “Happy Thanksgiving” notes.
    2.  Call (or leave a voicemail) or send a text message, greeting them a Happy Thanksgiving.
    3.  Shoot them a personal Thanksgiving video greeting & text it to them.
  2. Give people something of value. You can do a Pie Giveaway. Call them up, say, "Hey, I want to get you a pie. I'm ordering you a pie for Thanksgiving. Would you like pumpkin or pecan pie?" And then you're going to deliver those pies to them.
  3. Promote local businesses on your social media channels. (i.e.Post a quick shout out to your favorite local coffee shop on your Facebook page.)
  4. WOW your past clients. Give them something above and beyond what you’d normally give everyone else. This is not a closing gift. Instead, you send this to them 6 months after closing. Just say, "Hey, I appreciate you as a client. Anything I can do for you. I'm here for you and this is just a little token of my appreciation." And then, give them something that is worth 3 to 5% of the value of the transaction.
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