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What are the 3 secrets to success in a market shift for realtors?

  1. The Power of Commitment. Be willing to go ALL IN 100% (this is not the time to be a part-time agent). Your commitment is what drives you to do the work consistently. Don't give yourself an option to fail.
  2. Mastery over your feelings. Your feelings are probably the most powerful part of your life, because they drive your behavior. The highest achievers in the world follow their commitments rather than allow their emotions to control them. Stop seeking other people's approval because their opinions don't determine your success.
  3. Having an Energy of Certainty. Especially during times of chaos, people turn to someone with absolute certainty & confidence that they know what they're doing. Sellers & buyers are looking for an agent they can trust to help them. Trust yourself first before you can earn their trust.

Your commitment drives your actions towards mastery of your feelings and the skills to become great at what you do. You then become more confident, show up with certainty, and get people to trust you.

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