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Do you want to start role-playing but don’t know how? The 2 important things you will need are good scripts and great role-play partners.

Here’s the procedure on how to start roleplaying scripts:

  1.  Start with prospecting scripts. (If you don't already have a copy of The Book of YES,  click here to order your FREE copy of the best scripts. Don’t use B.S. scripts nor roleplay with a B.S agent.
  2. Lead Follow Up script
  3. Seller Sheet. This is your prequalifying script when you set an appointment
  4. Listing Presentation. Do this for 10-15 minutes
  5. Objection Handlers. As you prospect, you’ll discover the objections you need to master the most.

Where do you find great role-play partners? Go to the YESMasters Facebook group.

Focus on one script for one hour a day- 30 minutes of role-play, 30 minutes of practice. This will help you get good fast, but you have to start immediately. It takes effort and commitment.

Remember: don’t try to get perfect before you use the scripts. Because when you make mistakes, you learn. And once you learn how to have conversations to lead people to say yes to you, you become unstoppable!

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