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How do you handle this objection when a seller- who knows that his expired listing is overpriced- insists on using the same agent and selling it for a lower price?

If the seller says it’s their fault that it was overpriced

You explain to them that a professional agent wouldn’t follow their advice instead of his expertise just to please them.

If the seller says it was the agent who suggested the wrong price

You ask the seller why they would go back to the same agent when he has already mispriced the expired listing.
You make them realize the problem of having an agent who will list it at the WRONG PRICE- knowing that it’s overpriced- just to get the listing and make them happy. You remind them that as a skilled agent, you get every one of your listings sold for top dollar because you never take a  chance on mispricing it.

A skilled agent knows that a lot of preparation and follow-through at the post-negotiation stage are major factors in selling expired listings for top dollar.

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