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YESTalk-44 - What I Learned from Being Bullied

Do you remember the first time you were ever bullied? Do you remember the last time your bullied?

My first day of 3rd grade, a bully named Buddy beat me up and broke my new glasses. I had never had anyone want to hurt me and so I was totally paralyzed with fear. When he let me go, I just ran away as fast as I could. My mom told me to “just turn the other cheek and kids like Buddy will leave you alone.” Only they didn’t leave me alone, so I was bullied all through school, because I would not stand up for myself or fight back.

However, as an adult I realized one day that it was no longer the mean kids who were the bullies in my life. It was the inner bullies that were beating me up. The inner bullies of fear and self-doubt…limiting beliefs and memories of my past failures. They were the inner voices telling me I wasn’t worthy…that I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, rich enough, or successful enough. Every time I would go after my dream, one of my inner bullies would jump me, and I would run away.

Finally, I realized that the reason I never seemed to be able to keep winning in my life, was because you can’t win if you won’t fight. If you are not willing to stand up and fight for your dreams, you will never be able to accomplish.

But, the moment you stand up to those inner bullies…self-doubt, fear, etc…and you take action, the “bullies” run away. Here is the truth, YOU ARE ENOUGH! And your dreams are worth fighting for. Stand up to your fears and doubts. Fight for your dreams, and you will have them.

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