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Is it a good time to sell your house, or should you wait?


Right now, interest rates are high, inflation is up, the stock market is down, businesses are not doing well, and more layoffs are happening.


3 Ways to Approach This (As An Agent)


  1. Identify their motivation. Find out WHY they want to move.
  2. Be the problem solver. Guide and lead them to a decision by giving them the pros & cons of moving & selling now.
  3. Build & value the relationship. Be honest & always make it about what’s best for them (not your commission check).


3 Reasons That It’s a Good Time To Sell

  1. They’re thinking about downsizing. The price of their home has gone up over the years, and they no longer need to live in a big house.
  2. They want to get the most equity out of the property. In some markets, prices are starting to drop, so it’s best to sell now to protect their equity.
  3. Planning to buy right away. Interest rates are already up and are going to spike even more in the future.


People have to understand that historically, when prices go up & down, it takes months or years for the market to shift back.

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