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You have the power to create and shape your own life through the choices you make. 


You, as a creator, have the personal responsibility to choose your own path and commit to it. By making conscious choices and committing to them, you are able to move from your current reality to what is possible for you.


For sure, you’re going to face adversity and challenges along the way. You might even think about quitting on your dreams because things are harder than you thought.


But with  perseverance and an unstoppable mindset that’s focused on creating the future that you want… anything is possible. 


You have the power to create the life of your dreams.


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The key to winning is to acknowledge and address the areas in your life where you are losing or not doing well. This requires the willingness to face discomfort and change.


Here are five questions to ask yourself to help you live your best life:


  1. What specific thing have you been putting off doing because it's uncomfortable or you're not ready? It's time to confront it head-on because the discomfort you feel is a sign of growth. Make that commitment, and start taking the necessary steps towards your dreams. 


2. Where have you been pumping the brakes when life has been telling you to hit the accelerator? Fear often holds us back from progress. But a life of greatness is not achieved by playing it safe. Trust that you are capable of facing whatever challenge comes your way. It's time to speed towards your dreams.


3. When did you stop dreaming and start living to please others? Your dreams matter. Reclaim that childlike imagination and dream bigger. Don't let the expectations of others stop you. 


4. Where have you been deceiving yourself, denying the truth about what's not working? Deep down, you know what needs to change. Acknowledge those areas of your life where you've been settling, suppressing your discontentment. Be willing to face the truth and make a commitment to change (no matter how uncomfortable). 

5. What is that one thing you've been avoiding due to discomfort? The breakthrough you seek lies on the other side of your discomfort. It's time to confront it head-on. Refuse to let fear hold you back any longer. This is your life, your championship season. Give it everything you've got!


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Three Things the Best in the World Do:

1. Produce something that creates a desired result.

Do the specific actions that would produce something that actually creates a desired result (i.e., money). If it doesn't make money or close deals, it's not producing. 

Talk to people. You want to grab people’s attention, and then build relationships that build credibility and trust for you. The key is to put yourself out there. Whether it’s through social media marketing, making phone calls, or doorknocking.

2. Do less, not more. Whenever you’re about to do anything, ask yourself, “Does this activity that I'm about to spend time on actually move the ball down the field and put points on the scoreboard?” If it does nothing to make you better or let you recover, let somebody else do it.

Make sure you’re not kidding yourself that you’re “producing more” when you’re actually just doing too many things that are perpetuating the same problem you already have.

3. Lead people to decisions. Help people make a decision that’s in their best interest through prospecting, lead follow up, going on listing appointments, showing buyers, or negotiating contracts.

If you want more deep-dive training on how to be the best in the world at what you do, then go and preorder your copy of my new book, More Yes More Success

When you preorder now, you get immediate exclusive access to training that gets you more leads, listings, and sales with less resistance. Get all the details here (while the bonuses are still available!).



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The key to building a business is connecting with people and taking that relationship beyond the initial meeting.


Whenever you meet someone, make an effort to get into a conversation with them. And then, at the end of it, remember to ask for their contact information.


It’s not enough to just give them your business card, because there’s a great chance it’s going to end up in the trash. Without any exchange of contact information, you have no connection and have not started a relationship. 


Connect and start the relationship, it’s going to be priceless for you both.


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Relationships before real estate. People matter more than money. 


You reap what you sow. When you sow the seeds of your relationship and nurture them, it’s only a matter of time before you reap the rewards. Not just your clients, but also other agents and their clients, will love you.


And one powerful way of sowing the seeds is by sending personal videos.


As was the case for one of my top coaching members, Jose Contreras... He did what most other agents never do: He sent a personal video to the seller’s agent (Jose was representing the buyer), and got their offer accepted, even though theirs wasn’t the highest offer.


But as you’re building relationships, you’re sometimes going to have people in your Personal Circle choose a different agent over you. Don’t let that break your heart. Instead, go and wish them well, and keep nurturing the relationship. Sooner or later, they will come back to you (especially after they start to regret using the other agent).



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What do you do when you fail or get rejected? 

Never quit because it is only a temporary defeat. 

In the case of one of my coaching members, Julia Rogel, she didn’t give up even though she hasn’t had any success with Expireds for the longest time. She trusted the process and regularly sent them personal videos. 

Through those videos, Julia genuinely showed them that she cared and wanted to help them. In the end, those Expireds trusted Julia and made her their agent for life. 


What are Personal Videos?

Personal videos are videos that you text to anyone you’ve just had a quality conversation with (i.e. an Expired, someone from your personal circle, a new referral, or somebody you met at an open house event). 

Simply shoot a video with a simple message telling them that you’re there for them, and if there's anything you can do to help, they can just reach out to you. And then, send the video through text, directly to their phone.



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The most powerful and highest money-making skill in real estate is the ability to lead people to a decision to work with you. 

But what will make them say YES to you? 

  1. Certainty. Their feeling of certainty about you will make them want to hire you. But that certainty will come from you. For instance, as you’re talking to them, have that energy of certainty that you’re knowledgeable about the current market situation. When you show up with confidence, commitment, competence, courage, and compassion, people are irresistibly drawn to you. The key to gaining the trust and certainty of others is to have certainty in yourself.
  1. Understanding the psychology of decision making. Your ability to lead people to a decision is directly related to your skill at decision-making. If you can’t make decisions for yourself, then you won’t be able to lead others to a decision. Decision-making is an uncomfortable process because pressure is what drives us to make most decisions. Learn how to open up a space where people can feel pressure, and then lead them to make a decision immediately.
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How do you bounce back from a traumatic past and win in your business and your life?

Answer: Commitment + Association. 

Motivation is not enough because this is fleeting. Instead, you want to be committed.

It starts with a decision… a commitment to having the discipline to take action towards achieving your goals. Discipline forces you to take action, until you see results.

Surround yourself with the right people who are going to help you stay true to your commitments. 

And when you take care of all areas of your life (your health, relationships, etc.), your business will take off because you’re able to show up as the best version of you for your clients. 

One of my top coaching members (and good friend), Sergio Nazzaro, has made $1M in only 8 months. But he’s no smarter or better than anyone else. He simply does the work and hangs out with the right people.

Trust the process, trust your coach, and do the work.

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Put everything on the line.


This requires honesty as you confront yourself. Be honest about what you want in life, and how far you’re willing to go to get it.


Stop worrying about other people’s opinions. You don’t need their approval.


Have the courage to lead and be the king or queen that you are.


Don’t succumb to a life of regret. We’ve got only one chance at life. Make the most of it. 


That’s the only way to truly live. Choose that kind of life.


Set a new standard for yourself. Change your life, upgrade your life, and make a difference in the world.


Don’t wait. Do it NOW.


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Most people know what they want but don’t know how to get there. 


The first step is to be honest with yourself… What are you committed to absolutely having? And are you willing to do whatever it takes to get it?


The tactical steps to get there are easy. The hard part is digging deep inside you to figure out what you MUST have, no matter what.


Decide whether you’re willing to pay the price for it. And then take action.


What are the immediate actions you need to take to move closer to your goals?


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If you want to win big, you got to think different, you got to play different.


Show up like a PRO. 


Keep your commitments. 


Show up early for appointments. Because when you're late, it tells people that you don't keep your word. And when you don't keep your commitments, people don't trust you.


Nobody cares about your reasons for being late. All they care about is that you broke your commitment to show up at a certain time. 


It doesn't matter if you have the best strategies in the world. Until you learn how to show up like a champion, nobody's going to follow you.


If you want to win championships and change your life, play like a pro.

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Most people say they want to go to the next level.

But as the greatest achievers know, there is no “next level”. There is only ascension and descension (no middle ground). And as you ascend, you will meet a lot of resistance.

For you to ascend & achieve, you must first get CLARITY on what you want and COMMIT to having it no matter what...even if it requires you to go out of your comfort zone.

Yes, you are a king or queen, but it’s not your job to save everybody. You are the ruler of your life & your business. That is your kingdom. With all the real estate strategies you have, practice and do the work.

What do the greatest achievers in the world all have in common? They trust their gut. Because of that, they don’t need other people’s approval, and they make decisions quickly. If they make the wrong decision, they learn from it fast and course correct.

The Real Estate Vortex is the framework of a high 6 or 7-figure business. Like a swirling storm, it attracts business to its center. And at the core of the Real Estate Vortex is YOU. You are the eye of the storm (where it’s calm).


The YesMasters Mantra: “I am the eye of the storm. I remain calm & centered regardless of anything.”


How do you make more money & achieve big dreams?


First, you have to learn to dream bigger. The way you do that is through EXPOSURE.


Expose yourself to more expensive things, higher accomplishments, bigger achievers. This helps you realize that what you used to think impossible is actually possible.


But here’s the problem…


Subconsciously, we try to justify not having something nice because we can't afford it. We create a story in our heads and tell ourselves that we don’t want it, in order to justify why we don't have it.


If you want to make money, you have to dream bigger. Are you up for the challenge?

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There are 4 things that stop you from being successful.

The 4 Destroyers

  1. DECEPTION-.When you’re not honest with yourself about where you are right now (i.e. in your business), thinking that everything is fine, you don’t do what it takes to succeed.
  2. DODGING- You creatively avoid doing what you know needs to be done. You make excuses for not doing it. Dodging=Procrastination=Lack of courage. The key to fighting procrastination is to face your fears. Just do what you need to do to move your business forward, even though it scares you. 
  3. DRIFTING- It’s when you go about your daily tasks with no focused goal, clear direction, or strategy. 
  4. DISTRACTION- Getting sidetracked by social media or unimportant phone calls stops you from being productive.
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The biggest money-making video strategy for realtors is called the Personal Video. 

Here are the 3 types of Personal Videos:

  1. Personal Introduction Video- a video that you would text message to somebody that you've just met or that you've just talked to on the phone (i.e. a new prospect, lead, or someone you just set an appointment with). The exact script is at the 3:02 mark in the audio.
  2. Personal Appreciation Video- a video that you text someone you already know, after having a conversation with them. (Exact script at the 6:03 audio timestamp)
  3. Personal Collaboration Video- a video you send to somebody that you are in a transaction with (i.e. If you’re the buyer’s agent, you send this to the listing agent on the other side of the transaction). (Exact script at the 7:35 audio timestamp)

The key with these videos is… they make the recipient feel important, appreciated, and these videos help you stay top-of-mind with them.

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Why don’t business plans or New Year’s resolutions help you reach your goals?

1. Your business plan is too vague. The more specific and detailed you are about how you're going to accomplish a goal, the better your chances of achieving it.

2. You set it and forget it. When you set your goals and then forget them, they don’t drive your daily actions and focus. You then lose direction of how to reach your goals.

3. You give up too easily. No matter how great your business plan is, if you easily give up with every small mistake or failure, you will never succeed.

4. You don’t do what you say you’re going to do. Lack of commitment is the number one cause of failure. When you don’t commit 100%, you still give yourself the option to fail.

Decide on what you are committed to accomplishing in your business and in your life this year. Figure out what it takes to achieve those goals…and do it! No shortcuts.

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