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What do you do when you fail or get rejected? 

Never quit because it is only a temporary defeat. 

In the case of one of my coaching members, Julia Rogel, she didn’t give up even though she hasn’t had any success with Expireds for the longest time. She trusted the process and regularly sent them personal videos. 

Through those videos, Julia genuinely showed them that she cared and wanted to help them. In the end, those Expireds trusted Julia and made her their agent for life. 


What are Personal Videos?

Personal videos are videos that you text to anyone you’ve just had a quality conversation with (i.e. an Expired, someone from your personal circle, a new referral, or somebody you met at an open house event). 

Simply shoot a video with a simple message telling them that you’re there for them, and if there's anything you can do to help, they can just reach out to you. And then, send the video through text, directly to their phone.



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