Kevin Ward's YES Talk | Real Estate Coaching and Success Training for Agents

Most people say they want to go to the next level.

But as the greatest achievers know, there is no “next level”. There is only ascension and descension (no middle ground). And as you ascend, you will meet a lot of resistance.

For you to ascend & achieve, you must first get CLARITY on what you want and COMMIT to having it no matter what...even if it requires you to go out of your comfort zone.

Yes, you are a king or queen, but it’s not your job to save everybody. You are the ruler of your life & your business. That is your kingdom. With all the real estate strategies you have, practice and do the work.

What do the greatest achievers in the world all have in common? They trust their gut. Because of that, they don’t need other people’s approval, and they make decisions quickly. If they make the wrong decision, they learn from it fast and course correct.