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What do you do when an Expired says that they’re never moving out unless it’s the right price?

1. Start the relationship. Connect with them through text. First, respond with a text message saying, “Understood” (with a thumbs up emoji). And then add, “What would be the right price?” If they text back with the price, you then reply, “Great. When would be a good time to jump on a quick call? 

2. Get into a phone conversation. Over the phone, you can identify their motivation and start building rapport. 

If they’re motivated to move, go ahead and set the appointment. If they’re not motivated, say, “Okay, great. Understood. If anything changes, let me know.” (The complete script is in The Book of YES. Get your FREE copy here.)

NEXT: After getting off the phone, send them a quick video and say, “Hey, Mr. and Ms. Smith, thanks for taking time to talk to me today. I understand right now is not really the time you want to sell. So I just want to send you a quick video, personally introduce myself, and let you know if I can help with anything, I’m here to help you. And whenever things change, please let me know. We’ll talk soon. Have a great day.”

3. Build the relationship. Touch base with them every month through a quick phone call or  text. 

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