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What is the 10-Day Selling System?

  1. The 10-Day Selling System is a proven and complete marketing & selling system that, when executed correctly, sells houses in 10 days or less (even in a shifting market).
  2. It is a no BS, audacious promise. This is a legit no-bogus promise that actually works. 

The Power of the 10-Day Selling System 

  1. It gets you in a conversation with a prospect or a seller about selling their house for top dollar in 10 days or less.
  2.  It is based on an auction approach to the sale of the house. You price the house, position it, and market it in a way that gets buyers to line up and make multiple offers on it. Emotion will drive them to bid up the price. And it is proven that when people are in multiple offer situations, and a house is fresh and new on the market, it sells for more.

If it doesn’t sell…

Change your guarantee. Say, "Well if you don't feel like I'm doing my job, with your written request, we'll release you from the listing. But I'm telling you right now it may not sell in 10 days." You can remove any incentive (e.g. reduction of commission)

Or you can extend the guarantee 

Say, "Look, based on what you're wanting to do, no problem, we can do it but it's a 30-day guarantee instead of a 10-day guarantee. We'll still use the same system, the 10-Day Selling System because it's proven to work. Okay? And if it doesn't work in 10 days we'll run it again, we'll run it again. We'll keep running it until it works but there's no guarantee in 10 days."

The key is to have a straightforward & honest conversation, and then lead them to a decision that is in their best interest, and get them the best results.

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