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How do you get better with Scripts?

1. Get Practice
2. Get going
3. Get feedback. (From prospects, role play partners, and your coach).

BUT…the most important and powerful script that you will ever master is the one inside your head.

This is the story of what you say to yourself (e.g. “I hate scripts. Scripts don’t work for me. Or, it’s useless calling FSBOs.”)

No matter how great the script you’re using is, it won’t help you if you hold a negative script in your head. Your internal script or story is what determines your presence & your confidence (or your lack of confidence…and it shows up in those non-verbal cues whenever you’re prospecting.

The key is to change your internal script so you then change your results. Shift your script to, “This person is my next appointment. They’re my next listing. I am the best. I am the best decision they could ever make. They need me.”

What is your internal script? How are you going to change it, so you get better results in your business and in your life?

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