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Here are the top 3 mistakes that most real estate agents make with FSBOs.

You think that …

FSBOs don’t need you to sell their house bec you think they can sell it themselves.
FSBOs can do as good a job as you.

The only way for you to win is for the FSBO to lose. You can get the listing only after they try it themselves and fail

4 Steps To Get FSBOs To List With You

A- Approach. Consistently put yourself out there, connect with them, and get them into a conversation with you.
B- Believe. Believe that they need you to get them a better result. If you know exactly what to do, you can sell their home for the most money and faster, with no hassle.
C- Convince. Convince them that you can get them the most money in their pockets, even after commissions (which is what 95% of FSBOs want).
D- Deliver. You have to be able to actually deliver on your promise and get them a better result.

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