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What do you do when a buyer asks you to give them a part of your commission?

Here are 3 stupid answers you DON’T want to say…

1. “No.” This ends the conversation but it also ends the relationship because it puts them on the defensive. Watch this video on Why “No” is the Dumbest Objection Handler Ever, and what to say instead:
2. “I can’t.” It doesn’t make them want to work with you more...and tells them that you’re not an agent who has power and authority.
3. Sarcasm. (e.g. “Which room in your house do I get?”) It’s cheesy and doesn’t get to the point.

Here’s an excerpt of the BEST answer (because it respects them and their question, focuses on their benefit, and increases your value as the agent that can get them the best result)

“That’s a great question. My commission isn’t part of the negotiation. Can I explain why?
Because...unlike many unskilled agents, my value is in getting you a better deal on the home you choose…” (for the complete script to use, watch the full video)

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