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How do you get your seller in a multiple offer situation so that you can sell their house for the most money?

Here are 5 Steps to Creating FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) With Buyers:

  1. Good Price. A good price gets buyers excited because they know that it’s going to go fast.
  2. Limit Showings. Limit showings to 20-30 minute slots on certain days and times. (e.g. Fri 4-6pm, sat 11-2pm, sunday 1-4pm). Set up a showing calendar on the MLS or use an appointment-setting app like Calendly with a link that the buyers or agent can click to book.
  3. Clear Instructions. In the showing instructions on the MLS, be clear on how to schedule a showing appointment. Give them the link to schedule and then confirm with a text message or a phone call.
  4. Easy Appointments. Have a sign rider onto your FOR SALE sign on the house that says, “To schedule an appointment, go to <property website>. On the website, have the scheduling link and other scheduling instructions.
  5. Massive Communication. Let the buyers or buyer’s agent know what to expect at the showing appointment.

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