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These are the most common questions I’ve been getting lately about real estate, the economy, and the future of the market:

Q. What should I be investing in, if now’s not a good time to buy real estate?
A. Invest in gold and silver if you’re looking for a hedge vs. inflation or a safe haven when the dollar collapses.

Q. Who do we sell houses to if people don’t have jobs?
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A. Sell houses to people who HAVE jobs. For every piece of real estate, there is always going to be a buyer. People looking to buy a house will buy.

Q. Will house prices shoot up with massive inflation?
A. Probably not. There can be inflation in some areas (e.g. consumer products) and deflation in others (e.g. real estate). House prices will not shoot up because people have less money to buy houses. Real estate will not appreciate dramatically as the dollar loses value.

Q. Are rental prices going up or down?
A. It depends on the area because nowadays, there’s not one real estate market across the U.S. What’s happening in one market may be different in another.

Q. What is going to happen with interest rates?
A. Because of the national debt and the Feds printing money, interest rates will stay low.

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