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First, find a motivated seller, schedule the Listing Presentation, and prequalify the appointment to make sure that they are motivated to move. In the Book of YES, you’ll get the best conversations that lead you through the process.

Here are 5 keys to doing a great virtual listing presentation:

  1. Get a VIDEO PREVIEW OF THE HOME. The seller either goes live on Facetime, Facebook or Instagram or records a video tour of the house, and emails it to you.
  2. Email them your PRE-LISTING PACKAGE that contains the following: Information about yourself/your company, your action plan, CMA, seller net sheet, listing documents, and the ZOOM video conferencing link. Shoot them a quick introductory video if they haven’t met you yet.
  3. DECIDE ON THE PLATFORM to use. is easy to use and enables you to share your computer screen with the sellers during the call. Use Calendly to schedule the appointment. Your video conferencing platform options are Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger, or Facetime. You can also opt to do a phone call, but there will be no visuals.
  4. Have ENERGY. Stand up. Keep them engaged by asking questions & using tie-downs (e.g. “Are you with me on that? Does that make sense?”). If you’re using your phone, keep your hands free & do it in front of a mirror. Correct pricing & preparation is key. Go to and download the free Listing Presentation.
  5. Use DOCUSIGN. Answer any of their questions as you walk them through the paperwork. Have them digitally sign all the pre-filled out listing documents on the call once they’ve made a decision.

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