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Just when you’re getting started in real estate, the pandemic suddenly hits.

So, what do you do as a new agent to win through this corona-crisis and beyond?

Decide. Are you in to win? Only those who are committed to succeed will make it through this crisis, because your commitment to success will protect your head from all the fear and uncertainty around you.

Prospect like crazy. Now more than ever is the time to talk to people and build relationships. Who do you prospect?
a. Personal Circle (people you know)
b. Motivated sellers (FSBO’s & Expireds) and NOD’s Notice of Defaults
c. Investors (connect with them on They’re ready to find properties when the market drops.

Role play 1-2 hours a day like a professional athlete trains for a championship. Prospecting gives you the context for role play. And the more you role play, the better you get at handling objections. You’ll find great role play partners in the YesMasters Real Estate Success Community Facebook Group

Commit to making it work, and do the work. No matter what happens to the market, you can win!

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