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The coronavirus scare is already affecting the real estate market.

Low interest rates attract motivated buyers because their buyer power is up. The demand is high because of low inventory. So if you have listings, you’ll make money because you’ll still have motivated buyers.

Target motivated and distressed sellers because they’re the moving part that transcends all economies. People losing their jobs become distressed sellers who need your help getting their home sold and getting money in their pocket. Because of the high demand, in the short term, there will be a lot of deals happening as long as you have listings

For investors, there’s never a bad time to buy property as long as there’s free cash flow after debt service. However, most investors are looking to buy when prices go down, because this is when rent is more stable. But price drops don’t happen overnight, so the key is to build a relationship & maintain Top-Of-Mind Awareness with investors, so when it's time to buy, you’ll be there to help them.

Nobody knows for sure how long this will last. How it affects your personal economy depends on you.

Step up, get strong, commit that you’ll work harder with eyes of hope and confidence, not of fear.

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