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What is the best lead generation tool out there? Is it social media and the internet? Calling people? The best scripts (get your free copy of The Book of Yes here)? Using video? A good website?

None of those on their own makes you money. It’s how you leverage these media that generate leads.

Here are the 4 BEST tools for lead generation:

  • YOU. Have an attractive character or pleasing personality. It’s all about your presence, how you show up, and the way you communicate.
  • Audacious promise. Have a compelling message that differentiates you from other agents. Offer an irresistible guaranteed sale (e.g. I’ll sell your house in 60 days, or I’ll buy it) or a unique value proposition and back it up.
  • A-team. This is your Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Team. These are people you have a strong relationship with and believe so much in what you do, and are willing to help give you business. Maintain top-of-mind awareness with them, and they’ll keep giving you referrals.
  • An awesome track record. Success breeds success. If you’re new, build your track record by working on developing your attractive character, and deliver on your audacious promise.

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Do you have other ideas on the best lead generation tools? Let me know in the comments below.

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