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Rookie realtor goes from struggling to thriving

How does a rookie agent like Sam Garretson hit 200k GCI and become among the top 1% of agents?

Sam made good money in the corporate world but nothing there compelled him. He started a shaved ice business and drove a delivery truck...searching for something that would fulfill him. He’s always believed that he was meant for something big.

He finally decided to become a real estate agent.

He went to the 2018 Real Estate Vortex Training Camp as a brand new agent waiting for his license, and that’s when his life really began to change. He was amazed at the people and the opportunities available to him.

He joined the YesMasters 100-Day ListMaster Challenge and was committed to getting 10 deals in 100 days, but things didn’t work that way. He pulled through all the frustration knowing that even with no results, his confidence was building and all that he was learning would come into play.

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On Day 50 of the challenge, Sam thought of quitting because he was unsure that he was on the right path. When Kevin asked him what his goals were, Sam realized that by being an agent, he’ll get to his goals faster.

What’s his secret to being a top rookie agent?

Fifty percent of his business comes from his Personal Circle. He maintains top of mind awareness with them by regularly messaging them.

People say he’s different from other agents because he’s real. He doesn’t try to sell people anything. He wraps his business around helping people first. That, to him, is the reward.

His advice to new agents?

Move forward with Kevin’s coaching. He’s a life coach more than just a real estate coach. Don’t chase the sale. Put your clients’ needs first, and they’ll want to go further with you. Be straightforward. B.S won’t lead you to success.