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Peggy decided to become an agent because of a horrific experience she had with a real estate agent, when she and her husband were trying to buy a house.

She realized that as an agent, “You are messing with people’s lives.” That’s when she decided to get her license.

Peggy’s biggest shift was when she decided to go “all in” and “go pro.” Since hiring Kevin Ward as a coach 4 years ago, she has 4X’d her business and it continues to grow every year.

As a wife and mother of two small children, Peggy loves working from home and have a full-time assistant/showing assistant which allows her to take weekends off.

She also joined the YesMasters Team as a coach earlier this year.

Peggy has her PhD in Civil Engineering from Stanford, and feels that college was valuable in helping her learn how to learn, ask questions, and solve problems. She says her real estate license has been much more valuable when it comes making money.
Peggy believes an agents main responsibility is to educate and guide a client into getting the best results.

Peggy gets most of her business from repeat and referrals from her Personal Circle, and from blogging and video. She also uses seminars and networking to get sellers and buyers. She says the secret is to ask for the business. “You can’t worry about what other people think.”

The keys to being productive are time-blocking and systems which also are important so you can have a life. Have strong rituals are not only important for yourself, but also for your children…programming them to be successful and believe in themselves.

Financial freedom is one of Peggy and her husband’s top priorities. The invest in rental properties and do hard money loans. Their plan is to move to Hawaii once they are financially free.

Her two biggest keys to success are having a clear vision for your life and being around the right people who challenge you to be better.

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