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Why You Need Cash Buyers:

1. They buy ugly houses that you find….and not every house is a showpiece.

2. They can close in 1 to 2 weeks…which is a great option for sellers who need a quick close.

3. For prospecting vacant/distressed properties (not short sales) with a note on door and letter…."I have a buyer for your property. If you are interested in selling please contact me at __”

4. As a marketing option for Listings: "Guaranteed Cash Offer on your home in 24 hours - Quick Close, Fair Price."

5. Because you can learn from them. There is a reason they have money.

How to Find Cash Buyers:
Go to and search for local Real Estate Investor Groups.

Introduce yourself this way: "I market to (or occasionally come across) vacant and distressed property owners that look like crap and smell like pee….So if you like those kind of houses, please find me and give me your business card."

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