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The reason most people don't have or want a coach is because they've seen bad coaches.  The wrong coach will actually hurt you in the long run.  The right coach will help you transform your business and achieve massive success.

How to find the right coach or mentor:

  1. Passion. Find a coach that is passionate about coaching you and who wants to help you be the BEST.
  2. Pro vs Amateur. Make sure they are committed to teaching MASTERY, not short cuts and gimmicks.
  3. Track record. Their personal experience & mastery matters. Have they had success doing what they are teaching you to do and have they shown that as a coach they know how to help others succeed.  Great practitioners often make lousy coaches because they are not the same. 
  4. Generosity. Poor mentors act like everything is a secret...and they hold back. They are stingy with their knowledge and with their time. You want someone you feel like really wants to help you succeed and they are willing to give you their best.

FINALLY, and most important, BE COACHABLE.  Don't try to impress them.  That only tells them you're not coachable, because you're always trying to look good, not get better.  Be straightforward and ask for what you want.  Then, be willing to take the coaching and do the work.  Great coaches love sharing their expertise with doers...not talkers.  Be a doer, so you can become a master.

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