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The best “Sales Close” is no sales close, which is total contrary to traditional sales training.  The problem is that the moment you go into your “closing” mode, your prospect immediate goes into resistance.  Why?  Because nobody likes to be “closed” on.  People are sick and tired of the old high-pressure sales tactics

Traditional sales training says “don't take ‘no’ for an answer.” The best way to inspire someone to work with you is “Don't TAKE. Period.”  Instead of trying to “get” something from them, the best approach is to add value and inspire them to want to hire you.  And sometimes "no" is the right answer.  (if they’re not motivated.  Or if you are not the best.)

The best close is almost effortless.

The “Hard-core close" is the bully tactic of sales.  "Box them in." Corner them.  Force them.  No one likes that.

Start a conversation that focuses on what they want.  Find out how you can help by asking questions. And then make the decision easy for them.

When you care and you communicate in a compelling way, people say "yes" because they want to.  You INSPIRE them to hire you, rather than FORCE them to hire you.

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