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YESTalk-38 - How To Choose The Right Real Estate Office

Picking the right real estate office is a significant decision for a new agent to support your success.  Here is a summary of the top things to look for:

  1. Leadership. If an office has tons of agents who close zero deals…there is a reason. Even a big name brand with a poor leader sucks.
  2. Broker Support. How much experience. Non-competing. In-person availability. Do they have my back?
  3. Training and mentorship. Things to look for: New agent training.  In-person and on-going is by far the best.
  4. Success. An office full of top-producing agents means you will be in an environment of success….and there is a reason they stay.
  5. Market share and name recognition. This definitely has value, but not nearly the most important thing.  Market share more than anything is a reflection of the fact that that office has successful agents.  More agents to learn from and collaborate with.

The Biggest mistake:  Looking for the cheapest office.  If you do your homework…you get what you pay for.  Look for fruit on the tree, not the price tag.  Finally, your success is up to you.

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