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Recently the National Association of Realtors published a report that was done by the Swanepoel Group at the request of NAR, to identify the greatest threats to the real estate industry.  It’s called the DANGER Report.  It reflects that there is a lot of room for improvement in the industry, but most importantly that there is lots of opportunity for real estate agents who are committed to becoming ethical, skilled professionals.

It turns out the greatest threat of all, based on their study are the large numbers of incompetent and unethical real estate agents!  Which basically means there are two issues that are killing us are Realtors: 

Too many amateurs. The ease of entry into real estate is a double-edged sword.  While it makes it easy to get started, it also allows people to become agents while still totally incompetent.  And once they are licensed may never become truly competent.

Too much BS.  There are always going to be a handful of dishonest people in any industry.  However, in real estate there are a number of unethical, “BS” strategies and practices some of which are even taught by trainers and companies.  Many of these are scripts that are either dishonest or “bait-n-switch” tactics that contribute to giving Realtors a bad name.

The implications of these threats and the huge opportunities they represent for agents who run their businesses like a PRO and learn to get YES without the BS.  For agents who are wiling to become masters of their craft and to learn to get “YES” without the BS, there is ample opportunity for any agent to achieve massive success.

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